Project ART CBC has been successfully completed

ART CBC završna konferencija - 12Lake Zis in the Hungarian city of Csurgó was the location of todays closing conference of the project “Art Revived Trough Cross-Border Connection of Slatina-Csurgo-Voćin-Virovitica (ART CBC)”.

The goal of the project was to create a regional cultural tourism product through the organization of joint cross-border film, theater and food festivals and to contribute to the popularization of art through the organization of film and theater festivals in Croatia and Hungary.

ART CBC project is a new impulse for cross-border region, increasing multicultural activities in the field of arts and other elements of cultural life will increase tourism and deepen regional identity of the participants.

In 16 months of implementation of the project in addition to the organization of film festivals in Slatina and Voćin, theater and food festivals in Csurgó and three workshops about film art for children one of the activities of the project was the renovation of cinema in Slatina. With funds received through the project cinema in Slatina got new heating system, new digital equipment (projector and audio equipment, lighting fixtures), and new chairs and renovated parquet.

ART CBC završna konferencija - 16Public Open University Slatina was the lead beneficiary and partners on the project were City of Csurgó, Tourist Board of the Town of Slatina and RDA VIDRA.

The overall value of the project was 436.682,93 € and it was financed through the IPA program Hungary – Croatia 2007 – 2013.

In addition to host the Mayor of Csurgó, János Füstös the conference was attended by Ivan Roštaš, Mayor of Slatina, and as part of the project team closing conference was attended by director of Public Open University Slatina, Danijela Fabric Fabijanac, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Slatina, Helena Hegediš and RDA VIDRA was represented by Head of the department for preparation and implementation of projects Anita Tenžera and associates.

Project manager and controller for ART CBC project Andrea Kakas expressed satisfaction with successfully implemented project and briefly presented the overall chronology and financial indicators for IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary – Croatia 2007 – 2013.
In addition she announced guidelines for recently officially confirmed IPA II program for the period 2015 – 2020.

ART CBC završna konferencija - 6She invited present holders of completed ART CBC project to take advantage of the experience gained and established friendship of two cities and to design and apply new projects ideas.

It was pointed out that the emphasis for new projects will be on the inclusion of small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly from the agricultural sector, food industry and wood processing industry on both sides of the border.

All participants of the closing conference agreed that the effects of the project are extremely important and useful for all partners and that the successful implementation and completion of the ART CBC project just opened doors and created preconditions for future, even more successful and more significant cooperation on new initiatives that are already in preparation.

At the very end, screening of film created and produced by Felbar Studio was organized, film attractively displayed implementation of the entire project.

Upon completion of the closing conference, in the informal part of the meeting, the hosts organized tasting of several types of wines and schnapps for guests.

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