Meeting of the ART CBC project team was held in Csurgó

Yesterday in the Hungarian city of Csurgó meeting of the project team for the project ART CBC was held. Representatives of all the partner organizations were in Csurgó; Public Open University Slatina, RDA VIDRA, Tourist Board of Town of Slatina and the representatives of the Town of Csurgó. They discussed the forthcoming report, partner responsibilities, upcoming Csuszafesztivál that will be held on 5th and 6th June 2015 and the Final conference which is planned to take place mid-June.

Obligations of the Croatian side for Csuszafesztivál is to prepare an hour long program to present Croatia and Slatina and to organize a team of chefs who will have the task to present Croatian delicacy which in itself has some form of pasta. Tourist Board of Town of Slatina and Public Open University Slatina will choose their representatives who will participate in this international event by the end of next.

Film about the whole project is recorded and will be presented in Csurgó at the final conference.

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